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Liste de mes fics (français)
Ancient Egypt // Writing
Ma liste de fics, à l'occasion de mini_reecriture ! Allez participer, les gens ! ^^

La liste est classée par fandom. Les fics marquées "drabbles" font 500 mots ou moins, et les fics marquées "one-shots" font au-delà de 500 mots.

Note aux remixeurs: Si vous connaissez d'autres fics de moi que vous aimeriez remixer, mais que je n'ai pas liées ici parce que je n'en suis pas vraiment satisfaite, vous pouvez quand même le faire ! Ça ne me dérange pas ^^

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Ancient Egypt // Writing
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Home Brewing and other things I want to do.
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OK, so [profile] arcadiane says I should be posting a bit more often on LJ. So why the fuck not!

So, lately I've started looking into something which looks really cool and pretty low-maintenance: home brewing. I'm a big fan of mead and cider, as I discovered when I moved to the UK (LINDISFARNE MEAD IS THE BEST), and the idea of making it myself is really appealing.

It also looks like it's fairly simple, as long as you're not too obsessed with checking gravity and hydrometry and all those complicated things. But then again as Patrick Rothfuss puts it in his recipe for mind-bending metheglin that I reall want to try: "Vikings made this, and I guarantee that they did not own a hydrometer. They just thumped it together in a barrel and then drank it and pillaged some shit." And that is a modus operandi I can definitely get behind.

The only problem I have with that is having to wait. I mean, I like my booze. Quite a bit. I don't drink in high quantities, but I do enjoy alcohol (a lot more than I used to, now that I've figured out what I like) and I am not a very patient person by nature.

And now that I think about it I could make a list of alcoholic stuff I want to make/replicate:

- Patrick Rothfuss's metheglin. That shit sounds delicious. (Should I use some lapis, I wonder...)
- Mead with some of my cousin's honey. (Preferably chestnut honey, which has a really strong flavour and would be amazing in mead I'm sure)
- Cider. I'm not exactly sure what exactly, but I would ideally like to make the apple juice myself (because home-made apple juice is SO different from the store-bought stuff, even the cloudy one.)
- Ginger beer. A vague acquaintance of mine does home brewing, and he makes ginger beer with chilli in it, which sounds like the BEST thing.
- Chilli gin - does not require brewing or anything like that. Just sticking coriander and chillies in a bottle of gin. A friend of ours did that and it was the most AWESOME thing in a

So there, as you see I'm somewhat ambitious. But the idea is that, if I ever have to move away from Edinburgh (and seriously if Cameron and the conservatives don't get severely kicked out during the 2015 General Election it's very likely to happen) I can take a repertoire of wondrous drinks with me and I won't have to miss British cider (too much).

PS: This morning we "mysteriously" received a copy of The Ethical Slut in the mail. I've wanted to read this for the longest time and I was realy happy and excited to get it. Jay claims that he doesn't know anything about it and it "just appeared". With that smug smile of his. I claim that it's the most romantic gift he's ever got me. (This month, anyway.)


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Dear everyone,
Mage // Queen of Swords
I have emerged victorious from the barren lands of Dissertation. This morning at 7 I submitted this unholy work unto its digital cradle of villainy, and then proceeded to invade the Dark Fortress of the Graduate Office to sow the seeds of evil with two bound copies of the malevolent tome. I am now free of this abomination and intend on never repeating this experience again. I have learned what dreadful secrets lie between the lines of the world of Research, and I am forever changed by the experience, for good... or ill.

In other words: Fuck yes, I am done.

I will now proceed to go quietly insane with sleep deprivation.

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kiiiill meeeeeeee
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I mentioned this on Facebook but also wanted to complain about it here, for the benefit of the people who don't know me from FB, and also because it gives me an excuse to procrastinate.

So As You Know (probably? Maybe?), I've been writing my dissertation.

Note: If you don't know - I've been living in Edinburgh since September and studying for a Master's Degree in Translation Studies at the University of Edinburgh. It's been great. The program was very interesting though fairly theory-oriented, which suited me just fine because I know how to do the practical side of translation fairly well (except I don't know how to use Trados which is a bit of a problem, but I might be able to figure that one out myself). My classes ended in April, and I've got something like a 71% average grade on my coursework. For French people, it's pretty good. The equivalent of a Mention Bien. Other international types refer to this handy comparison grid thing.
And now, to gain my full Master's Degree, I have to write a dissertation (Master's thesis for people in North America, I think).

And it is the single most boring and agonizing process ever.

It's due on the 15th of August (not looking forward to that...) and it's been driving me insane. I just hate it. The topic is interesting, but I'm just not a researcher, and I have to write about 9 000 word of research. (To be fair, some of it, approximately 4K-5K is actually fairly easy to handle, but I haven't got to that part yet).

I'm just BORED. It's just boring. There is just no other way to put it. Bored bored bored and no fun at all and deeply uninteresting, because I SHOULD BE TRANSLATING dammit.


Sorry about the complaints. This is just making me feel horrible.

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Someday. After the 15th of August.
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My dissertation is draining me, and I'm not even writing it. So to keep avoiding writing it, and to give myself some motivation, I've decided to make a to-do-list for when I'm done writing it.

Things I will...


- more bookbinding, first on my list being a girdle book for my 12th-century noblewoman's costume.
- a shift, kirtle and general random stuff for 16th-century costume(s) so I can start thinking about doing Kentwell next year (EXCITE!!!)
- random clothing because I want to get better at sewing in general
- think about figuring out my wedding dress. (IT SHALL BE GREEN AND SEXY.) (Oh um yes for those of you who don't follow me on Facebook - I'm getting married to Jay next summer. Watch this space for more info and potential invites :D)
- food. All the food. I want to learn how to make everything.


- Orphan Black
- Orange is the new black
- The end of season 2 & season 3 of Game of Thrones (Not too many spoilers, please.)
- Blackadder. And Monty Python stuff. And everything else that is iconic to British TV culture and that my British friends kee making jokes about that I don't understand.
- Welcome to Night Vale (technically listen to, not watch, but shush. I'm sure it'll be excellent for sewing or cooking.)
- Anything else that my flist might care to recommend?


- The Atrocity Archives and its sequels, by Charlie Stross. (I can't really justify having a Famous Writer(tm) in my acquaintances without having read a single one of his books. Especially since his books are right up my alley)
- Finish The Ocean At The End of the Lane (potentially before the 15th). Jay and I have been reading it to each other but we haven't done that in a week or two, which is Sad.
- The Night Circus.
- Read moar things. Most likely things that I will bring back from Strasbourg. ALL THE UNREAD BOOKS, HUZZAH.


- That porn I promised Jay for his birthday (on the 31st of May... Herm :/)
- Faders. I am still very attached to it
- Maybe some actual essay on here about feminism and how the patriarchy also hurts men and that kind of stuff. I have thinky thoughts about that shit.
- More things for my professional-ish website/blog thing.


- All the notes I took for my dissertation, plus the stuff I printed. That should feel ridiculously good.

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Mage // Queen of Swords
Blowing off almost €100 because I locked myself out of my own apartment at the ONLY TIME IN THE YEAR when there is no-one else there (apart from a very confused cat.)


(Honestly had I had a proper ladder I would have climbed up to my bedroom window. The glass has been broken for more than a year now, I would have got in without any kind of problem. Apart from the fact, of course, that it's two meters high. Fuck.)

I don't even know how I feel about the whole thing. I'm at the same time highly annoyed at myself, proud that I managed to keep my cool, relieved that the guy didn't take three hours to arrive, and just completely indifferent to the whole situation. And add a bit of inexplicably wanting to cry into the mix, for some reason o_o

I think this might be me coming down from my first adrenaline high in, um. Either a few years or two weeks.

(Yeah I don't remember if I mentioned this here, but I went to Scotland to get an apartment in July and somehow MANAGED TO GET THE WRONG AIRPORT.)(Did I mention that my mother is a fucking saint? BECAUSE SHE IS. She got me there without even losing her cool.)

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SPOILARZ for The Dark Knight Rises
Mage // Queen of Swords
No, really. BIG spoilers.Collapse )

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Des blogues !
Mage // Queen of Swords
Oui alors je ne sais pas ce qu'il me prend mais en ce moment je m'amuse sur Wordpress et je lance des blogs. Ce sont des blogs à thèmes spécifiques, donc ne craignez rien, je continuerai à faire des updates sur LJ/DW etc. Je veux juste donner une vague chance à ceux-là d'être lus par plus de deux personnes, quoi XD

(For my English-speaking flist, I'm probably going to post in English too! I'm not sure quite how I'm going to manage it exactly, but I'll try, especially if some of you are interested!)

Donc, si ça vous intéresse, j'ai :

Un blog d'écriture/traduction où je vais probablement beaucoup couiner pendant le mois de juin (puisque je fais Camp NaNo). Si ça vous intéresse, je vais probablement poster quelques extraits...
(A writing blog! Woo!)

Un blog d'expatriation où je vais papoter d'Edimbourg (mais que je n'ai pas encore vraiment lancé parce que, ben, je ne suis pas à Edimbourg. J'aime bien le layout ceci dit.) Je referai sûrement un chouïa de pub ici en Septembre histoire de vous rappeler qu'il existe.
(and a blog about Edinburgh! Double woo! Except I'm not there yet! Boo.)

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !
Mage // Queen of Swords
Personne sur ma flist n'en a quoi que ce soit à secouer, mais moi je suis super fière :D

C'est mon amoureux qui a gagné le concours d'aides de jeu de l'Appel de Cthulhu de Casus Belli-euh ! ♥

Et dire que c'est moi qui ai fait l'éditrice impitoyable à la relecture de son texte ! *___*

*essuie une larme*

(Achetez le numéro 3 de Casus Belli les gens ! :D)

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